Uncle Samai's organic farm

"Farmer, we call Uncle Samai. He has been doing organic farming in the Northern Thailand at his home town for 13 years. He grows many fruits and vegetables for Adams and other organic local markets in Chiangmai area. He joined Adams Organic after he saw the benefits of organic farming, not only for end-consumers but also for his own family. He believes in sustainable agriculture and he feels happy to have his produce enjoyed and consumed by people who can really appreciate it.

Uncle Samai raises chicken and feeds rice bran, banana stem, fruit and herbs from his own farm keeping it sustainable and safe from outside contamination. He buys chicks and raise them until they die naturally after about 5 years. Currently, caring for around 50 hens which provide an average of 150 eggs each week, his farm is considered very productive with high standards and low loss due to diseases. He lets healthy hens hatch eggs and the chicks will help him keeping populating the farm. He has received many awards as a leader of the organic farmers group in the Northern area."

Leave your message for him in the comment box below, he will be very excited to hear from you too !

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